Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP)

Superabsorbent polymers (known as SAP) are water-insolu

Effects of agricultural hidrogel

Hidrogel(Potassium polyacrylate) is a kind of extremely
Other names for potassium polyacrylate:potassium salt,s
As a chemical raw material, potassium polyacrylate is widely used in agriculture and forestry water-retaining agents and industrial additives, and its price is also affected by many factors.

Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate is a synthetic polymer used in cosm

Sodium polyacrylate application

Sodium polyacrylate is a chemical polymer that is widel
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Planting Gel and Seasol Planting Gel

Planting Gel is cutting edge technology, which delivers
The use of water holding amendments like hydrogel polym
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High Water Absorption Hydrogel

Hydrogel agriculture technology uses insoluble gel-form
Port: Qingdao, China Production Capacity: 500000kg/Year