Chick Rehydration

Rehydration solution for long distances chick transportation 

Rehydration Solution

Fulfills the need for water and electrolyte during chick transportation

Contaminant Free

Independent laboratory tested to be free of spoilage organisms and pathogens.

Quality Certificates

Food grade certification test certificate with two year shelf life

Highly Customized

Can be configured according to your need

High Water Retention

SOCO Replenishing fluid  is an effective rehydration solution especially when chicks are transported over long distances. SOCO Replenishing fluid fulfills the need for water and electrolyte during chick transportation, thus preventing dehydration in the birds especially during summer. The gelatinous crystals, formed after reconstitution of SOCO Replenishing fluid with water, are clinically tested for high water retention.

Read To Use

It can be easily prepared by adding water to the required dose of SOCO Replenishing fluid powder and allowing it to stay for 10 minutes before transferring the gelatinous crystal to the chick box.
Storage Method : Place in a dry and ventilated place
Usage : Mix the product with water; Mixed ratio: 1:350 fold


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