Gardening with Hydrogel Crystals

Water Jelly Crystals are an example of a water-absorbing polymer called a hydrogel. Think of these hydrogels as long chains of molecules (called polymers) that absorb incredible amounts of water, only to release the water to plant roots at a later time. Hydrogels are rapidly becoming one of the most exciting environmental education topics in classrooms worldwide. Today, superabsorbent polymers are widely used in such applications as forestry, gardening, and landscaping as a means of conserving water. Imagine using a substance that could store water in the soil and then release it as the plant’s roots need it. While we may consider water-absorbing polymers to be a modern convenience, imagine the impact that such technology is having on parts of the world that are plagued by drought.

With an effective life of up to 5 years in the soil the hydrogel constantly recharges itself, ensuring an ongoing supply of moisture and nutrients on demand to all types of plants & turf.

Features and Benefits:
Reduces transplant shock, making it the ideal starter for whenever planting or transplanting
Reduces watering by up to 50%. The gel absorbs moisture that might otherwise drain away and be wasted – retaining it and then releasing it under dry conditions
Remains active in the soil for up to 5 years, becoming re-hydrated during normal rainfall or irrigation
Promotes vigorous root development
Non-toxic, environmentally safe and suitable for all types of plants and new turf.

Hydrogel Crystals