Sandless Sandbags

Anti-flood bags with SOCO® polymer

Sandbag alternative: Water-Activated Sandless Sandbags

Traditional anti-flood Sandbag alternative, reusable, Water-Activated Sandless Sandbag is filled with super absorbent polymer (SAP).

  • Weight: 0.3kg (before absorbing), 20Kg (after absorbing)
  • Bag material: non-woven fabrics / linen layer (with cotton cloth inner)
  • Filler: SAP (super absorbent polymer, an eco-friendly water absorbent material)

HOW Sandless Sandbags for flooding works?

Water-Activated Sandbags, easy to use.

sandless sandbags 350g

Step01: 0.35kg of weight

3 percents weight of traditional sandbags

3% weight of traditional sandbags

sandless sandbags in water for 3 minutes

3 Minutes in water

sandless sandbags in water for 3 minutes

Step04: 3 Minutes in water

Volume of sandless sand bags after in water

Volume of sandless sandbags in water

Weight of sandless sand bags after in water

Weight of sandless sandbags in water

Advantages of Sandless Sandbags for flood & water barriers

Compare with traditional flood sandbags, the advantages for home doors, garage doors are as follows

1. Transport of Sandless Sandbags

Lightweight before they’re used, thousands of bags can be quickly transported in a van.

2. How is the Storage

Sandless Sandbags can be vacuumed-packed. So they can be stored in small depots for a long time.

3. What is the Usage

Compare with traditional sandbags, Sandless Sandbags are easier to carry & pile up.



Different from traditional sandbags, Water-activated Sandbags are not only used for flood control. They can be used in everywhere to solve water problems:


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