SAP Gels for Industrial Uses

Superabsorbent polymers for cold gel pack, cold gel pack: SNN580H

The gel ice pack is a plastic sack filled with water, refrigerant gel, or liquid.
SAP Superabsorbent polymer of Sodium Polyacrylate is a perfect filler in the Gel ice pack, cold gel pack.
Dosage:it’s enough of 1 gram (or less) Superabsorbent polymer for each gel ice pack.

  • High specific heat capacity;
  • Low cost (for each gel ice pack);
  • Non-toxic & environment friendly;

Here’re the differences of Gel ice pack with SAP Superabsorbent polymer from traditional ice bags:

  • Soft feel and nice appearance;
  • Effectively curb the breeding of bacteria;
  • More effective (Its specific heat is 3-4 times than ices);

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gel ice pack with superabsorbent polymer

SOCO® POLYMER(Sodium polyacrylate) for cable powder

SOCO® polymer keeps a high rate of instantaneous water absorption (swelling height) under pressure.

SOCO® polymer consists of a set of polymeric chains that are parallel to each other and regularly linked to each other by cross-linking agents, thus forming a network. When water comes into contact with one of these chains, it is drawn into the molecule by osmosis.

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SOCO® POLYMER(Sodium polyacrylate) for Sandless Sandbags

Traditional anti-flood Sandbag alternative, reusable, Water-Activated Sandless Sandbag is filled with super absorbentpolymer (SAP).

1.Weight: 0.3kg (before absorbing), 20Kg (after absorbing)
2.Bag material: non-woven fabrics 1 linen layer (with cotton cloth inner)
3.Filler: SAP (super absorbent polymer, an eco-friendly water absorbent material)

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SOCO® POLYMER(Sodium polyacrylate) for Sewage Treatment

Recommended SOCO® polymer : SNN781S
SOCO® polymer has many proven practical applications in manufacturing, energy production, mining and many other industries. It is used to solidify and stabilize water constituents in liquid waste by-products.The unique characteristic of SOCO® polymer is its ability to absorb water or organic fluids, reject oil and resist bio-degradation while retaining liquid under pressure. This makes it an ideal sta bilizing medium for waste disposal in landfills.SOCO® polymer is a cost-saving alternative to other bulk solidifiers, including Portland cement, kiln dust, corn-cobs,sawdust or other commodity absorbents.

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sewage treatment sap

Super Drilling Fluids/Drilling Mud Additive for Lost circulation

In oil or gas well drilling, Drilling fluids, also known as drilling mud, are added to the wellbore to improve the drilling process.

Lost circulation occurs when drilling fluid(drilling mud) flows into one or more geological formations instead of returning up the annulus.

Lost circulation can be a serious problem during the drilling of an oil well or gas well, Superabsorbent polymers, such as Potassium Polyacrylate(Kalium Salt Polymer) are proven solutions.

SAP is Super Drilling Fluid/Drilling Mud Additive, retards shale hydration and dispersion, a Better solution for lost circulation.

Superabsorbent polymers change the rheological characteristic of drilling fluid, thus being suitable for plumb shaft, horizontal well, deep shaft, etc.

We recommend SAP Superabsorbent Polymers for drilling fluids, polymer model: SHK205X, SHK230X

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superabsorbent polymers for oil drilling

SOCO®POLYMER (Sodium polyacrylate) for Fake Snow

Artificial snow is also called instant snow, fake snow, magic snow,expanding snow, fluffy snow.

lt is a special super absorbent polymer, which can absorb hundreds times of water.The instant snow looks real, feels cool,and is soft and fluffy to touch like fresh fallen snow.

Measure out certain lnstant-snow powder mix with water 30-50 times its original size, in seconds the erupting snow transform to a fluffy white powder that looks just like snow.
The best result is to add 20-30 times.

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10 Years Experience

Founded since 2009, we own more than 10 years experience in SAP and one of the most professional suppliers in China.

20000t Supply Capacity

SOCO ® supply 20000 Metric Ton of super absorbent polymer each year.

Formulation Service

Technical support from QUST & CAS, We provide best solutions as customer's requirements


SOCO® polymer has passed several kinds of strict internatioal certificates test, like SGS, ISO, Reach,BV.


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