Super Drilling Mud Additive - Top Lost Circulation Solutions


Super Drilling Mud Additive - Better solution for lost circulation

It is a new environmental protection material with good water-absorbable, thickening property and swellable properties, can effectively against lost circulation.
Recommended SOCO® Polymer : SHK205X & SHK230X


In oil or gas well drilling, lost circulation occurs when drilling fluid, known commonly as "mud", flows into one or more geological formations instead of returning up the annulus. Lost circulation can be a serious problem during the drilling of an oil well or gas well.


1. Blowout
If the amount of fluid in the well bore drops due to lost circulation (or any other reason), hydrostatic pressure is reduced, which can allow a gas or fluid which is under a higher pressure than the reduced hydrostatic pressure to flow into the wellbore.An influx of gas or fluid into the wellbore, known as a" kick", which can lead to a blowout.
2. Dry Drilling
Dry drilling occurs when fluid is completely lost from the well bore without actual drilling coming to a stop. The effects of dry drilling range from as minor as destroying a bit to as serious as major damage to the wellbore requiring a new well to be drilled. Dry drilling can also cause severe damage to the drill string, including snapping the pipe, and the drilling rig itself.

Traditional Solution

There are some options are available when lost circulation occurs, depending on the severity:
Increasing the viscosity of the fluid with bentonite or with the addition of other additives, which typically includes organic plant particles.
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