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Water Retention Agent Special for Horticulture

SOCO® polymer for horticulture can be added to the soil when plants are planted, which will increase the survival rate of plants, increase the drought resistance of plants, facilitate plant generation, and reduce garden care costs.

SOCO® Polymer for Horticulture 

SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) has a wide range of applications in horticulture. It is an efficient water retention agent that helps plants maintain moisture during growth and provides the necessary water supply. Combining SAP with horticulture can effectively reduce the frequency of watering, save water resources, and improve the growth rate and quality of flowers.

SOCO® Polymer for Horticulture Benefits

Water Retention: SAP can absorb and retain a large amount of water, effectively extending the plant's growth cycle and reducing the frequency of watering, particularly suitable for arid regions or areas with limited water resources.

Nutrient Release: SAP can slowly release absorbed water and nutrients, providing plants with a steady supply of water and nutrients, which is beneficial for healthy growth.

Reduction of Waste: Due to SAP's water retention and nutrient release characteristics, it can reduce the frequency of watering and fertilization, thus reducing water and fertilizer waste.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable: SAP is environmentally friendly, as it can be used multiple times and gradually degrades in the soil without polluting the environment.

Increased Production Efficiency: Using SAP can increase the growth rate and quality of flowers, increase yield, and improve economic benefits.

How to Use SOCO® Polymer for Horticulture

1. Prepare the Soil: Ensure the soil is well-tilled and free of weeds and stones before planting.

2.Add SOCO® Polymer: Evenly sprinkle SOCO® polymer into the soil at a rate of 1:200.

3.Mix Thoroughly: Use a rake or other tools to thoroughly mix the polymer with the soil to ensure even distribution.

4.Plant the Flowers: Plant the flowers into the treated soil as normal.

5.Water: Ensure a thorough initial watering to allow the soil and polymer to fully absorb moisture.

Another method is to directly mix SAP into water to make a hydrogel, which can then be evenly distributed in flower pots or beds. This method can better control the amount of SAP used.

In summary, SAP is a very beneficial auxiliary material for flower cultivation. It can help flowers grow well in dry or water-deficient environments, reduce the frequency of watering, and is an important tool in modern flower cultivation.

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