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Buying guide of SAP: Sample, prices, transport, etc.

  • Why does the water retention agent burn the roots?

    The amount of water retention agent is too much, and it is not mixed with the soil and spread out evenly, so it is easy to paste the roots after forming a dough.

  • Will Super absorbent polymer melt in the soil in hot weather?

    Super absorbent polymer is not melted by its characteristics.

  • Will our SAP aggravate the salinization of the land after degradation?

    The main component of SAP is carbon element, and the end product of degradation is mainly carbon dioxide and potassium element which is easy for plants, the customer added water soluble fertilizer in the process of use, and the element content of water soluble fertilizer is more likely to salinize the land than our product, but we can't be sure whether it is the water soluble fertilizer that causes the high Ph of the land.

  • Can SAP be mixed with calcium chloride?

    When water retention agent is used as desiccant, it can be mixed with calcium chloride. Calcium chloride will form a salt solution after dissolving in water, and the absorption rate of SAP to the salt solution is about 40 times, when the water retention agent is used as a desiccant, the water absorption of 40 times is sufficient to meet the demand of desiccant because the surrounding water is not high.

  • Do you know SAP in corn, soybeans on the use of the effect and yield increase?

    In corn and soybean, it improves seedling emergence rate, promotes seedling growth and development, improves drought resistance, and delays the time of wilting in growth. Promote the growth of above-ground plant parts and root system, plant height and stem thickness are increased, including yield increase of 4%-15.8% on corn and more than 20% on soybean.

  • How to effect of using sodium salt on soil?

    Sodium salts release sodium ions, which are usually required by plants in very small amounts. If sodium salts are used in large quantities over a long period of time, seed germination and crop fertility begin to be affected when the total water-soluble salt content of the soil exceeds 0.1%. The more salt in the soil, the lower the germination rate of seeds and the more the fertility of crops is affected. And when excessive sodium ions gathered easily cause secondary salinization of the soil, seriously affecting the plant's absorption of nutrients, affecting crop growth.

  • How to recommend the product when used to absorb industrial waste liquid?

    If the industrial waste liquid contains a large number of ions it is recommended to recommend polyacrylamide for adsorption, because sodium and potassium salts will significantly decrease the water absorption multiplier in the liquid containing ions, only 50 times - 70 times.

  • Do you know the SOCO® Polymer Ingredients of ice pack?

    Qingdao SOCO® New material Co.,LTD Manufacture the quality ice pack powder ,the Ingredients including Resin, water, preservative, glycerin, CMC .

  • How to distinguish potassium and sodium salts by flame color reaction?

    Potassium salt is purple, sodium salt is yellow.

  • How many times does the particle size of SAP expand after absorbing water?

    There are differences according to the particle size, and the agricultural large particle products are 6-7 times.

  • What is the difference between desiccant and SAP?

    SAP has a much larger water absorption rate than ordinary desiccant, and there is no danger after misuse, etc.

  • What are the main factors affecting the water absorption multiplier of SAP?

    ①The water retention agent in different cationic salt solutions has a large variation in water absorption performance, with the increase in solution salt concentration, the

    The absorption efficiency of water retention agent decreases significantly with the increase of solution salt concentration, and the order of influence of cation type on absorption efficiency is: Mg2+>


    ②The thermal stability of water retention agent is good, and its absorption multiplier is less affected by the ambient temperature (4-60 degrees).

    ③The water absorption multiplier is less affected by the solution in the range of pH 5~11.

  • Are you factory or trading company?

    We are the factory of two kinds of SAP Super absorbent polymer with over 10 years.

    We are exporting to all over the world, eg.: North America, Europe, South America, India, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc. We are dedicated to offering with the Best quality, Reasonable price, Excellent service.

  • Can i get some sample for the trail?

    Yes, we supply sample for your test at test-amount for free.

    Coz of the sample is less in weight, we can only send it by air, we'll charge the fee for air freight.

  • Why your price is not lowest?

    Of course, If you asked 10 suppliers, I believe that there would be 10 different prices. But I am confident that our quotation is the reasonable one.

    Every company makes the quotation will accord to production cost and profit. Our price will be the same line with our quality.

    Please never forget "you get what you pay for". We are willing to exchange the least amount of profit for the trust and the opportunity for our first cooperation.

  • What is the min order quantity?

    By sea, the min order quantity is 500kg.

    By the air, there is no any limit for quantity.

  • This is my first time to import, i do not know the process, how should i do?

    Don't worry about that, we'll help you deal with the whole process.

    We have different country shipping agent, if you are the first time to import, they will be professional and give you the best price and deal with everything of transport. They will supply custom clearance and transportation service from the destination port to your stock.


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