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Leading Superabsorbent Polymer Manufacturer: Exceptional After-Sales Support

Our customer service, based on customization, R&D-driven innovation, rigorous quality assurance, and efficient delivery, ensures a seamless experience. Personalized training and professional technical support guarantee your success. We are committed to exceeding expectations at every step, dedicated to your success.

SOCO® Superabsorbent Polymer After-sale Service
Product Usage Training

Upon the completion of the purchase of SOCO® superabsorbent polymers, the company will arrange professional technical personnel to conduct product usage training, including the methods of product use, storage conditions, and safety operations to name but a few.

SOCO® Superabsorbent Polymer After-sale Service
Issue Resolution

Technical Support Team: Responsible for addressing any issues customers encounter during the use of the product. The support team will offer remote assistance and guidance to ensure customers fully utilize the performance of SOCO® products.

Timely Solution: Providing a preliminary response within 24 hours of a customer raising an issue and delivering a detailed solution within a reasonable time.

SOCO® Superabsorbent Polymer After-sale Service
Regular Follow-ups and Satisfaction Surveys

Regular Follow-ups: Conduct periodic customer follow-ups to understand the usage, feedback, and suggestions regarding SOCO® water-retaining agents. Ensure customer satisfaction with the experience and effectiveness of the product.

Satisfaction Surveys: Conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to gather evaluations and suggestions on after-sales service, continuously enhancing the quality of service.

SOCO® Polymer Research & Development (R & D)
Water Retention Technologies

SOCO® Polymer Research & Development (R & D) department is strategically focused on advancing polymer technology specifically tailored for the agricultural sector. Our dedicated team of scientists and researchers collaborates to develop innovative solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities within agriculture.

Water Retention Technologies: We explore advanced superabsorbent polymers that optimize water retention in soil, promoting efficient water use and enhancing drought resistance in crops.

SOCO® Polymer Research & Development (R & D)
​Soil Health Enhancement

Our R&D efforts are directed towards formulating polymers that contribute to improved soil structure, nutrient retention, and overall soil health, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.

SOCO® Polymer Research & Development (R & D)
Customized Agricultural Solutions

Customized Agricultural Solutions: We work closely with farmers and agricultural experts to understand their specific needs. Our R&D team develops customized polymer solutions that align with diverse agricultural applications, enhancing crop yields and sustainability.

Sustainable Agriculture: SOCO® Polymer is committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Our R&D initiatives focus on the development of eco-friendly polymers that contribute to greener agricultural practices, minimizing environmental impact.

Crop-Specific Formulations: We tailor polymer formulations to suit different crops and cultivation methods, providing farmers with specialized solutions that address the unique requirements of various agricultural contexts.

SOCO® Polymer Research & Development (R & D)
Innovation Hub

Through our agricultural-focused Research & Development, Soco Polymer aims to empower farmers with cutting-edge polymer technologies that not only optimize crop growth and yield but also contribute to sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices.


"I've been using Potassium Polyacrylate in our forestry operations for over a year now, and the results are outstanding. It has significantly improved the soil's water retention capacity, especially during dry seasons. This has led to healthier and more resilient trees, ultimately boosting our overall forestry yield. A game-changer for sustainable forest management!"


"As a vegetable farmer, water is crucial for our crops. Since incorporating Potassium Polyacrylate into our soil, we've noticed a remarkable reduction in water usage. The polymer's ability to retain moisture has not only improved the growth of our vegetables but also allowed us to optimize our irrigation practices. It's an eco-friendly solution that positively impacts both our produce and resource efficiency."

Vegetable Farming
Vegetable Farming

"Our horticultural experiments with Potassium Polyacrylate have exceeded expectations. It has proven to be a valuable tool for maintaining optimal soil moisture levels, especially for delicate plants. The controlled release of water from the polymer has minimized the risk of overwatering, resulting in healthier and more vibrant flowers. This product has become a staple in our horticultural practices."

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