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Water Retention Agent Special for Vegetables

Using eggplant, chiehwa, and ribbed loofah as materials, two types of water-retaining agents with different particle sizes were used to raise seedlings to study the effect of water-retaining agents on vegetable seedling quality and fertility retention. 

The results show that the higher the concentration of the water-retaining agent in the seedling substrate, the stronger the fertilizer-holding capacity of the seedling substrate, but when the concentration of the water retention agent is too high, it will inhibit the growth of vegetable seedlings, and the low-concentration water-retaining agent has a significant effect on promoting the growth of vegetable seedlings, and the small particles The seedling strengthening effect of diameter water retaining agent is better than that of large particle size water retaining agent. When the concentration of small particle size water retaining agent is 1%, the seedling effect is the best. The plant height, stem thickness and maximum leaf area of eggplant, chiehwa, and ribbed loofah seedlings Both reached the maximum value, and the difference was extremely significant compared with the control.

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