SOCO® Soil Hydrogel VS Mulching丨 Which has the greatest impact on Upland Rice Cultivation


29 Jun 2023

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Why choose SOCO® Soil Hydrogel in Upland Rice Planting?

Water is the lifeline of agriculture and a precious, non-renewable resource. However, water pollution is becoming increasingly severe, and agricultural water usage is plagued by issues of high consumption and low efficiency. Rivers and lakes are frequently facing crises, and the sight of drying-up landscapes is becoming more common. These problems undoubtedly pose a serious threat to the development of the agricultural sector, necessitating urgent solutions to ensure sustainable water resource utilization and protect the sustainable development of agriculture

With technological advancements, water retaining agents have come into the public's view following fertilizers, pesticides, and plastic mulch, providing assurance for our agriculture, on which our survival depends, in terms of water conservation, drought resistance, and even increased yields.

Water retaining agents are polymer-based materials that can absorb water hundreds of times their own weight and transform into solid gel particles in a short period. They retain water in the root zone of plants and slowly release moisture to meet the needs of plant growth. The use of water retaining agents can improve soil texture, enhance soil water-holding capacity, and mitigate losses due to drought. High-quality water retaining agents can repeatedly absorb and release water in the soil within their effective lifespan, providing strong support for our agricultural production. It is a drought-resistant and water-saving technology that is receiving increasing attention.


Case Study

Tengyue Agricultural Co. Ltd. conducted a drought-tolerant rice cultivation experiment using SOCO Soil Water-retaining Agent, produced by Qingdao SOCO New Materials Co. Ltd. The experiment investigated the impact of different water retaining agents and plastic mulch usage methods on drought-tolerant rice cultivation. Tengyue Agricultural Co. Ltd., in collaboration with Qingdao SOCO New Materials Co. Ltd., is particularly interested in the superior drought resistance characteristics of the water-retaining rice variety developed by Tengyue Agricultural Co. Ltd.

SOCO® Soil Water-retaining Agent can absorb and retain moisture in the soil, reducing water evaporation and improving water utilization efficiency. It can also improve soil conditions, enhance soil water-holding capacity, and alleviate soil drought problems. Furthermore, SOCO® Soil Water-retaining Agent is non-toxic, harmless, and biodegradable, making it an ecologically-friendly and innovative green agricultural technology.

Test Field

The experimental field was divided into four different treatments: Treatment 1 used plastic mulch; Treatment 2 employed water-retaining agents without plastic mulch; Treatment 3 combined water-retaining agents with plastic mulch; and the control treatment neither used plastic mulch nor added water-retaining agents.


Planting Record

After completing different treatments for direct seeding, soil samples are regularly collected to measure soil moisture content, in order to understand the impact of different treatment methods on soil water content. Irrigation amount and effective precipitation are recorded throughout the entire crop growth period. Pictures and videos are taken during critical growth stages, and the biological yield and paddy grain yield are calculated at harvest time. The assessment evaluates the effects of mulching and the addition of soil moisture retention agents on soil moisture content and water use efficiency. Through observation and data analysis of the experimental field, valuable technological insights can be provided for high-yield and efficient cultivation of upland rice.


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