What is the best way to fight drought?

BY SOCO Polymer

29 Jan 2024

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In recent years, the United Nations and national agricultural sectors have been grappling with the challenges posed by drought, driven by the growing impacts of climate change. As we witness an increase in the frequency and severity of droughts around the world, it is imperative to explore innovative solutions that can increase agricultural resilience and ensure food security.

Understanding the Drought Challenge

Drought, characterized by prolonged periods of water scarcity, presents a multifaceted challenge to agriculture. The repercussions include diminished crop yields, economic instability for farmers, and a potential threat to global food supplies.

According to WHO statistics, 55 million people around the world are affected by drought every year, and drought causes almost the most serious damage to livestock and crops around the world. Recognizing the severity of this challenge is the first step towards developing effective strategies to mitigate its impact.

Comparative Analysis of Drought Resistance Methods

In the realm of agriculture, three key strategies for drought resistance include irrigation equipment, drought-resistant seeds, and water-retaining agents.

1.  Irrigation Equipment:

The installation of irrigation equipment is pivotal for establishing an efficient and reliable water source. However, it's essential to consider the specific growth habits, water requirements, topography, and soil characteristics of crops when placing the irrigation system. Once in place, altering crops becomes challenging, and the substantial costs associated with installation underline the need for careful planning and consideration.

2. Drought-Resistant Seeds:

Genetically improved drought-resistant seeds showcase heightened resilience to arid conditions, optimizing water resource utilization and enhancing overall agricultural stability. Despite their advantages, it's crucial to acknowledge the higher cultivation and production costs linked to these seeds. Additionally, genetic modifications may introduce a trade-off, potentially reducing resistance to other diseases. Successful cultivation requires specific agricultural technologies and management practices.

3. Hydrogels:

The hydrogels serves as a valuable auxiliary tool, enhancing the soil's water-holding capacity to foster optimal moisture levels. By mitigating water loss, it effectively maintains a consistently moist soil environment. This not only benefits the crops but also facilitates enhanced fertilizer absorption, contributing to increased crop yields.

The best solution for drought

In combating drought, the optimal solution depends on specific conditions and requirements.

1. In situations where economic resources are limited, and drought challenges need to be addressed, the emerges as the most suitable choice. With its robust water-retaining capabilities, adaptability to various crop types and terrains, use of degradable ingredients such as potassium polyacrylate, and the assurance of being completely harmless to both land and plants, all at an affordable price, the hydrogels stands out as the optimal solution.

2. In regions facing severe drought conditions, a comprehensive approach involving the integration of irrigation facilities, drought-resistant seeds, and water-retaining agents yields more pronounced effects. This ensures that plants receive comprehensive moisture support, thereby enhancing the overall stability of agricultural production. It's important to note that, due to the risk of pipe blockage, hydrogels should not be mixed into the irrigation system pipes.


The drought solutions presented in this article represent fundamental approaches. For severe drought challenges, we encourage consulting with us or the respective agricultural authorities. SOCO is committed to pioneering agricultural innovations and safeguarding the vitality of agriculture. Your partnership with us ensures access to tailored strategies for resilient and sustainable farming practices.

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