Quality Potassium Polyacrylate Polymer SAP for Agriculture


10 Dec 2019


Potassium Polyacrylate is a kind of super absorbent polymer(SAP), a water-absorbent material with good water-holding capacity. It can absorb water up to several hundred times of its own weight, and turn into the natural gel from within seconds. SAP can be mainly divided into three major categories which are Hygiene grade, Agriculture grade, and Industry grade. The main uses of SAP are absorbing, retaining, or block liquid.

The main chemical composition for agricultural usage is potassium polyacrylate.

Dry matter≥94%
Apparent density0.85
Specific weight1.10 g/cm3
The appearance of the productDry = white powder
Hydrated = transparent gel
Particle sizePowders, micro granules, granules
Maximum absorption≥350 in deionized water
Available water at pF4.2
(near-permanent wilting point)
Effectiveness in soil3-5 years
Toxicity in soilNone under normal conditions of use
Packaging25kg per kraft bag or up to customer ‘s request
Storage temperature0° – 35°C
The shelf life of the dry product2 years


1. Germination Rate: Increase 15%-40%

2. Irrigation Times: Significantly Reduced

3. Leaf Wilting Time: delayed 7-10 days during long periods of drought

4. Output: Increase by 20% -45%


Potato: 2-3 kg / An acre

Peanut: 2.5-2.8kg/an acre

Watermelon: 3 – 4kg / an acre

Sugar Cane: 4kg / an acre

Cucumber: 3-3.5 kg/an acre

Corn/ Maize: 2-3kg/ an acre

The above method is only used in temperate zone test, other crops or special circumstances of customers can contact us


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