Argentine oats

Argentina Customer Planting Oats With SOCO® Polymer

12.5 / 13 kgs SOCO® Agricultural Grade Polymer apply medium size (25 ks / ha) with 32.5 kgs of oats (65 kgs / ha) has 0.5 as follows: 5 passes with direct drill 4 meters wide each and 250 meters long.
Keep in mind that the edge of one of the side past had been previously performed a physical fallow.

84 mm rain in the next 10 days after planting and good hydration of SAP is observed.

In the next 15 days about 86 mm more rain and a good radicle development is observed, as well as well as much of the hydrogel in the roots.

Rain in the coming days 55mm abruptly. It is observed that the soil is a very tight and compacted. While there are almost no differences between the two trials made direct seeding, A month later, 90 mm more rain.


15 days later 60 mm rain.But you can see further development and intensity of leaf color in the past where semidirect was held, is a greater root development.



These last pictures are from last week, and are to reap almost. And they are very even. We'll see when we move the machine if yields reflect the difference we expect.



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