Application of water retention agent in slope greening protection


10 Apr 2023

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 The application of water retention agents to combat soil and water loss on slopes is one of the most important tools .Water retention agent, also known as highly absorbent resin, super absorbent, solid water or polymeric absorbent, is a polymer with strong water absorption and water retention capacity made from a strong water absorbent resin.It can absorb a lot of water quickly and has the function of repeated water absorption.Absorption Water swells to hydrogel,it releases water slowly for seed germination and growing crops, thereby increasing soil water retention, improving soil structure, reducing deep water seepage and soil nutrient loss, and improving water utilization. Water holding agent is suitable for use in areas with low precipitation, irregular annual rainfall distribution and lack of irrigation water.

When adding water holding agents to the soil, it will improve the soil's ability to absorb precipitation and increase the rate of water absorption.n a certain range, the water absorption capacity of the soil increases with the usage of water retainers.Water retention agent absorbs water when it is enough and stores it for plant growth, which improves the water retention power of the soil, prevents invalid evaporation of soil water, and increase the water moisture content of the soil.

  Water retainers can be used in combination with other fertilizer materials to delay the speed of fertilizer discharge and improve the efficiency of fertilizer usage.The water retention agent also contains trace elements that can be slowly released for plant growth. Since the water retainers absorb large amounts of water, they can reduce the changes in temperature of the environment around the water retainers, and therefore also have some warming properties.By combining with other soil optimization techniques, the water storage capacity of slope soils can be raised so that plants can thrive normally and irrigation water consumption can be reduced and plant resilience improved.

  It is reported that the using of water retention agent can improve the seedling emergence rate of ryegrass, improve its resistance to drought, reduce the amount of irrigation, and make it emerge earlier. The experiment showed that the use of water retention agents in slope afforestation of roadbeds could increase the water content of soil in the rhizosphere, promote plant growth, improve the survival rate of seedlings by 7%, increase the amount of growth by 19.2%, and increase the soil water content by 1.83%.

Reminder: water retention agent is not a water-making agent, when using it should make it fully absorb water in order to play the role of water retention. Different manufacturers produce different properties of water retention agents, must be compared with the instructions, according to the requirements of the standard use, in order to achieve the best results.

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