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Agricultural Grade -SDK Series

Agricultural Grade -SDK Series

Agricultural Grade -SDK Series
Apr 20 , 2023
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I. Basic parameters

Model Number Number of mesh Water absorption rate

Model Number
Number of mesh
Water absorption rate
0.25h 57
0.5h 152.64
1h 253.88
1.5h 374.37
2h 363.42
17h 428.55
0.25h 139
0.5h 291.72
1h 387.9
1.5h 449.22
2h 468.51
17h 471.93
0.25h 342.89
0.5h 403.22
1h 416.65
1.5h 417
2h 413.36
17h 407.56

agricultural grade sdk series

II. Features

Strong gel strength Increase the permeability of the soil
Three, applicable

Suitable for loamy soil and clay soil Crops, flowers, potted plants, fruit and vegetable seedlings, trees

IV. Problems

1. What are the reasons for the strong gel strength?
High degree of cross-linking? Is there any difference in cross-linking agent content and polymerization time of preparation process?
2. What is the reason for increasing the permeability of the soil?
3. The effect of increased gel strength on other properties
4. the service life can be increased?
5. DK and X contain different amounts of potassium, the effect on the product effect (Russia) X series of high potassium content?
① X series with high potassium content will have better wall protection
② DK is more suitable for fertile soil and dry and water-scarce places.

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Agricultural Grade -SDK Series
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