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Planting Gel and Seasol Planting Gel

Planting Gel and Seasol Planting Gel

Planting Gel and Seasol Planting Gel
Oct 23 , 2020
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Planting Gel is cutting edge technology, which delivers a scientifically formulated blend of Seasol, Powerfish and Water directly into the root zone of plants/turf at the critical time of planting. Using technology developed by Seasol International, a special blend of water and nutrients is injected into the Gel at point of manufacture. Once placed in the root zone the Gel slowly releases water and nutrient, stimulating root growth, reducing transplant shock and aiding plant establishment. With a working life of up to 5 years, the Gel constantly recharges itself, ensuring an ongoing supply of water and water soluble nutrient is available on demand to plants/turf through their roots. Available in 5kg & 10kg tubs.

Planting Gel is a 100% Non-Toxic, biodegradable, and odorless super absorbent crystal, that absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water, and has a life span of approximately 5 to 7 years.

Plant Gel is simply mixed with water to produce a clear gel that may be used in place of soil for potting plants. You may also add color to the gel to create decorative displays with your house plants!

planting gel and seasol planting gel

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Planting Gel and Seasol Planting Gel
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