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Hydrogel Fertilizers: Innovative Water Retention and Controlled-Release Technology in Agriculture

Hydrogel Fertilizers: Innovative Water Retention and Controlled-Release Technology in Agriculture

Hydrogel Fertilizers: Innovative Water Retention and Controlled-Release Technology in Agriculture
Jun 15 , 2024
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In recent years, with the development of hydrogels, particularly superabsorbent hydrogels, a new type of fertilizer has emerged, namely water-retaining slow/controlled-release fertilizers. It combines the water absorption, water retention, and slow-release properties of hydrogels, promoting fertilizer with water, making nutrients more effectively released and absorbed, and significantly improving fertilizer utilization efficiency. At the same time, hydrogels blended with fertilizers have excellent water absorption and retention properties, which can reduce irrigation water consumption and crop mortality, and improve the physical properties of the soil.


Working Principle

Hydrogels blended fertilizers mix different amounts of gel powder depending on the type of fertilizer. Typically, the nutrients in fertilizers are lost due to the flow of water, making it difficult for plants to fully absorb them. By using hydrogel blended fertilizers, the fertilizer is spread around the gel, forming a stable structure that prevents the loss of fertilizer. This encapsulation effect allows the fertilizer to persist longer in the soil, providing a long-term nutrient supply for plants.

Controlled Release Effect

Hydrogels have a controlled release effect on water. The inner gel of hydrogel blended fertilizers has a rich microporous structure which can absorb and lock nutrients in the fertilizer, gradually releasing them. This controlled release effect allows plants to gradually absorb nutrients according to their needs, avoiding nutrient waste and environmental pollution caused by excessive fertilization.

Water Reserve

The use of hydrogel blended fertilizers also has an important feature, which is that it can provide abundant water. While absorbing water, hydrogel  blended fertilizers can also release water, which is very important for the growth and development of plants. Especially in arid areas or places with scarce water resources, hydrogel blended fertilizers can provide enough water for plants, improving their drought resistance and increasing yield.

Efficient and Economical

Besides the advantages mentioned above, hydrogel blended fertilizers are also convenient to apply and save labor and materials. Compared to traditional fertilizer application methods, hydrogel blended fertilizers require no repeated application; just mix the gel powder with fertilizer in proportion and add it directly to the soil to meet the plants' nutrient needs. This not only reduces the labor intensity of farmers but also saves the amount of fertilizer used and transportation costs.

Hydrogel blended fertilizers, through the slow-release water effect of the hydrogel, controlled release effect, and providing moisture, provide better nutritional supply for plants. Its use can not only improve the yield and quality of crops but also effectively solve the problems existing in traditional fertilizer application methods. With the continuous advancement of technology, the research and application of hydrogel fertilizers will further develop, making contributions to the sustainable development of agricultural production.

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Hydrogel Fertilizers: Innovative Water Retention and Controlled-Release Technology in Agriculture
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