Agricultural grade - Agroforestry sodium salt type (HN)


14 Apr 2023

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 Basic parameters
     SHN205: 5-20 mesh
     SHN220:20-80 mesh
     Relatively cheap price
    Suitable for disposable streetscape plants
   1.Do you know the reason for the cheap price, raw material process ?
   2. Are able to absorb water one time ?

Agricultural grade - Agroforestry sodium salt type (MK)
  1.Basic parameters
   SHMK208: 8-20 mesh
   SHMK220:20-80 mesh
Rich in trace elements strong gel strength
Crops with special needs for nutrient elements
1.What are the micronutrients?
2.What kind of substances determine the product contains trace elements, element content
3. How do the nutrients work, one-time release or sustainable release, cycle?

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